Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cooking Games and Pretzels

Pretzles are one of the most delicious ways to spread the holiday cheer. They start off so delicious with their salty goodness, but you can make them even more delicious by adding chocolate and toppings. Start with a bag of long pretzel sticks, chocolate melting drops in both dark and white chocolate and some gourmet toppings – crushed almonds, coconuts, tiny candies, sprinkles and mini chocolate chips are easy ones.

Put the toppings into quart sized bags and put them off to the side, careful to not let them spill. Then melt the first batch of melting dots in the microwave. When the dots are smooth and melted, dip the pretzel into the batch and then quickly dunk it into the bag of desired toppings. Shake the bag around a bit to coat the pretzel evenly and pull it out. Hold it for a minute to let it cool off enough to not be dripping or gooey and then place it carefully onto a wax paper sheet to dry completely. Package the pretzel sticks carefully and share them as the perfect gift for teachers and friends.

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